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Lunch & Dinner


 For The Table

Citrus Stuffed Endive

Citrus Stuffed Endive

Clam Chowder | 5 cup 8 bowl

Always house made.

Aranchini | 18

Lobster and spinach risotto balls

Shrimp Skewers | 14

Grilled shrimp skewers with kimchi fried rice

Poke Bowl | 17

Marinated poke tuna, pineapple salsa, jalapeños & cucumbers served over seaweed salad, topped with cucumber wasabi dressing.

Prosciutto & Scallops | 10

With fig jam, arugula & parmesan.

Citrus Stuffed Endive | 8

Goat cheese, candied walnuts & orange segments with an orange vinegar glaze.

Steak Bruschetta | 14

With bleu cheese, tomato-onion jam on a toasted baguette.

Lobster & Gruyere | 16

Lobster, gruyere cheese, grain mustard on a toasted baguette.

Zucchini Fries | 10

Tempura-battered zucchini, banana peppers & chourico tossed in Sazon and cajun rub, served with chipotle aioli.

Mediterranean Pita Dip | 12

Tzatiki dip topped with diced cucumbers, tomato, pepperoncini, olives & feta cheese, served with crispy pita chips.

Shrimp Mozambique | 12

Sauteed shrimp, onions, garlic, Sazon & lager sauce over garlic bread.

Wings | 10

Your choice of sauce: BBQ, buffalo, gold fever, or Asian Chili

Tender Plate | 10

Your choice of sauce: BBQ, buffalo, gold fever, or Asian Chili, served with French fries.

Seafood Cakes | 10

Fresh seafood cakes with a blend of shrimp, scallops & clams, served with a house remoulade.

Calamari | 12

Fried and served with white wine sauce, banana peppers, Parmesan & marinara.

Fried Cauliflower | 8

Battered cauliflower & Gouda cheese dip.

Stuffed Quahog | 6

Chopped clams, seafood stuffing with lemon & butter.

White Cheddar Cheese Curds | 8

Fried Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese.

Stuffed Crab | 6

Three mini crab stuffed with a Southern-Style crab & seafood stuffing.

Candied Bacon Scallops | 12

Seared cajun scallops, extra-thick cut maple-glazed bacon.


Traditional | 10

With cheese & red sauce; Add pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, and/or peppers for $1 each.

Fig & Prosciutto | 14

Fig jam, arugula, prosciutto & goat cheese.

Margherita | 12

Basil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, garlic infused oil & balsamic glaze.

Buffalo Chicken | 12

Buffalo chicken tenders, cheddar & bleu cheese.


House Garden Salad | 8

Greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, onions. Served aside balsamic vinaigrette.

Classic Caesar Salad | 8

Romaine, croutons, Parmesan, Caesar dressing.

Garden Greek Salad | 9

Mixed greens, kalamata olives, cucumbers, onions, peppers, tomatoes, feta, pepperoncini. Served aside Greek dressing.

Berry Salad | 14

Mixed greens with red onions, blueberries, strawberries, candied walnuts and goat cheese fritters. Served aside raspberry vinaigrette.

Buffalo Chicken Salad | 12

Mixed greens, buffalo chicken, bacon, carrots, celery & tomato.

Endive | 12

Belgian endive with strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts & torn basil.

Cobb Wedge | 12

Bacon, chicken, bleu cheese, egg, tomato, over iceberg wedge ; served with a bleu cheese drizzle.

Accompany with Protein

Steak Tips | 9 Salmon | 9

Chicken | 8 Shrimp | 8


All sandwiches and wraps serviced with French fries.

BLT Wrap | 10

Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo.

Caesar Wrap | 10

Grilled chicken, romaine, Caesar dressing & Parmesan cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap | 10

Chicken tenders, buffalo sauce, bleu cheese dressing, lettuce & tomato.

New England Lobster Roll | 24

House made lobster salad, & shredded lettuce served on a buttered brioche roll.

Chicken Sandwich | 10

Your choice of fried or grilled chicken with American Cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo, served on ciabatta bread.

Fish Sandwich | 12

Fried haddock, lettuce, tomato & tartar sauce served on a brioche bun.

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich | 9

Grilled portobello, Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers, arugula, pesto & red onions served on a brioche bun.

Tacos Trios

As a lighter option, you may substitute tacos for lettuce wraps*.

Barbecue Pork Taco | 12

BBQ pork belly, pickle chutney, onion strings.

Buffalo Chicken Taco | 12

Buffalo tenders, lettuce, carrot, blue cheese.

Fried Fish Taco | 14

Fried fish, pineapple salsa, cilantro lime tartar, classic coleslaw.

Blackened Ahi Tuna Taco | 14

Seared blackened ahi tuna, asian slaw, cucumber wasabi; Served in a crispy wonton shell.

Triplet Sliders

Chicken Ranch Sliders | 12

Fried chicken, bacon, cheddar & ranch.

Kim Chi Sliders | 12

Beef patty, Kim Chi, cucumber, wasabi mayo & jalapeño.

Barbecue Bacon Sliders | 12

Bacon, BBQ, onion strings & cheddar cheese.

LBLT | 18

House made lobster salad, shredded lettuce, tomato

The 41º70º Burger

The 41º70º Burger

Certified Angus Beef Burgers

All burgers are served on a brioche roll

41º70º Burger | 22

Butter-poached lobster meat, house “beernaise” sauce, chourico, and micro-chives. Indulgence at its finest.

Barbecue Bacon Burger |15

Cheddar, onion strings, bacon, BBQ sauce & pickle chutney.

Kim Chi Burger |16

Kim Chi, cucumber wasabi & jalapeño.

Buffalo | 14

Buffalo sauce, bacon & bleu cheese.

Breakfast Burger |

Fried egg, bacon, American cheese & Vermont maple syrup.

Build Your Burger | 10

Add Cheese | 1 each

Smoked Gouda | American | Bleu Cheese | Provolone | Cheddar

Other Toppings | 1 each

Sautéed peppers | Caramelized onions | Portobello mushrooms | Pickle chutney |

BBQ Sauce | Cucumber Wasabi | Jalapeños | Bacon

Upgrade Your Fries to:

Sweet potato fries, tossed in cinnamon sugar | 2

Rosemary & white truffle fries | 2

Garlic & Parmesan fries | 2

Spicy Cajun fries | 2

Fried onion strings | 2

From The Land

Hand Cut Steaks

All selections are 100% certified Angus Beef Sirloins.

Sirloin Strip | 20

Seasoned, topped with garlic butter, served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Portuguese Steak | 22

Prego no Prato | Red peppers, Madeira sauce, fried egg, house fries, seasoned rice & olives.

Steak Frites | 22

Rosemary truffle frites, tomato onion jam & arugula.

Steak Tips | 17

Marinated tips, grilled to your liking, served with mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables.

Top It Off

Bourbon glaze | Bacon | Gruyere

Balsamic glaze | Bleu Cheese

Mushrooms | Peppers | Onions | Onion Strings

Additional Sides

Spanish Rice | Fresh vegetables | Steamed broccoli

Mashed Potato | Side of pasta | Parmesan risotto | Mac n Cheese

From The Sea

The Seaport Inn Grill brings you local selections & thoughtful pairings from steps away.

Brown Butter Scallops | 20

Seasoned pan-seared scallops, pork belly Parmesan risotto & aparagus.

Shrimp Stir-Fry | 16

Shrimp, onions, peppers, broccoli, carrots, house-made Hoisin sauce over soba noodles.

Cedar Plank Salmon | 20

Salmon cooked to your liking on a cedar plank, served with lemon, dill & garlic caper butter.

Lobster Tortellini | 24

Fresh lobster meat, five cheese tortellini, spinach & cherry tomatoes over a tarragon sauce.

S&L Risotto | 26

Scallop & lobster meat served over a bacon & artichoke risotto.

Curry Up & Eat Mussels | 22

Steamed mussels, curry & saffron cream sauce, mixed with sautéed bell peppers & onions, served over linguine with toasted pita chips.

New England Classics

Baked Haddock | 16

With lemon, butter & bread crumbs, served with mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables.

Baked Scallops | 20

With melted butter, white wine & bread crumbs, served with mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables.

Seafood Platter | 28

Light & crispy fried local haddock, shrimp, sea scallops, mussels & clams. Served with French fries, coleslaw & tartar sauce.

Fish & Chips | 16

Light & crispy local haddock, French fries, coleslaw & tartar sauce.

Pork & Poultry

Buta | 21

Marinated grilled pork tenderloin, topped with miso glaze and served over hibachi style rice.

Country Fried Chicken | 16

Fried chicken & country gravy, served with mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables.

Chicken Pietro | 16

Sun-dried tomato, broccoli, pesto & parmesan risotto.

Grilled Chicken Dinner | 12

Add a Cajun rub, teriyaki, Asian chili, or BBQ sauce.

Marinated grilled chicken, served with mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables.


Chicken & Broccoli | 16

Chicken, broccoli, creamy Alfredo & penne, served with garlic bread.

Pesto Pasta | 14

Penne with sun dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & bright basil pesto.

Vegetable Pasta | 14

Chef’s choice vegetable medley, linguine, garlic & white wine.

Baked Macaroni & Cheese | 10

Cavatappi pasta & house made three cheese sauce topped with bread crumbs.

Accompany with Protein

Buffalo Chicken | 4 Steak Tips | 9

Chourico | 6 Lobster | 12

Children’s Menu

Chicken Tenders | 6 Cheeseburger Sliders | 6

Grilled Cheese | 5 Pasta & butter or marinara | 5

Cheese Flatbread | 5 Fish & Chips | 7

Mac & Cheese | 6



Made by our in-house pastry chef Cory Hogan.

Cannoli Dip | 7/10

Mini chocolate cannoli drizzled with a chocolate and caramel sauce and shaved chocolate, served with a Ricotta cream dip.

Cheesecake Bites | 6

Ask your server for flavors.

Chocolate Lovers’ Napoleon | 10

French puff pastry layered with chocolate pastry cream, topped with chocolate sauce & chocolate pieces.

Cookie Plate | 6

Soft, warm & homemade.