Seaport Inn Grill
Fresh ingredients and a passion for quality, right by the water's edge..


Local Catch, Fresh Ingredients & Live Entertainment.

“I use natural and simple elements that create harmony when combined. My choices of ingredients are not only used to balance flavors in my dishes, but to connect people, promote conversation & bring individuals together in celebration.”

-Travis Caffelle, Executive Chef


Dining with a Purpose.

We are passionate about sharing our love of food & providing a warm space that is welcome to all: A family of music lovers, animal lovers, and friends of the community- our mission is to give back, and we invite you along!

Visit the pier for Sunday Brunch to benefit our animal friends.

A special thank you to our presenters Dartmouth Dental, Hunter Foundation LTD, Bask Inc., Dogfishhead Alehouse, and Tito’s Vodka.